Lessons, insights, or perspectives learned from both real and fictional people I admire

The two modes of reasoning that determine people’s world views

Image courtesy of Gap Minder

Solo players can now choose to get matched with other free agents when joining a team tournament.

The Team Matcher is built into the already existing system to add no extra steps for the player.

Challengermode secures $12 million investment round to accelerate growth and product development.

Challengermode secures $12 million investment in raise led by eWTP Innovation Fund.

The experiencing self vs. the remembering self

Thinking of productivity in two dimensions can help you make better choices and get more done.

Photo by Isaac Smith on Unsplash

The future we’ve all been waiting for is coming to us in an unexpected way.

Why the COVID-19 pandemic is the catalyst that propels the world into the digital era, once and for all.

A look at the COVID-19 pandemic from an outside perspective.

Philip Skogsberg

Co-founder & Head of Product/Marketing @Challengermode. Trying to think better thoughts, some of which appear on my newsletter: philipskogsberg.substack.com

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