The two modes of reasoning that determine people’s world views

I’ve often noticed that there seem to be two distinct styles of reasoning about the world. I suspect it has something to do with why people come to develop very different worldviews. And it leads people to interpret cause and effect in the world differently.

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Some people seem to have a more paranoid bent, seeing human agency, personal desires, and planning often with malicious intent) as the cause of various outcomes. People like this are prone to believing in conspiracy theories, too.

I’m calling this “ agency “ bias because people on the far side of this spectrum see personal…

Solo players can now choose to get matched with other free agents when joining a team tournament.

The Team Matcher is built into the already existing system to add no extra steps for the player.

A few weeks ago, we rolled out the “Team Matcher” on Challengermode. It’s a system that automatically matches you with the other solo players in a team tournament. It means that if you’re a solo player or don’t have a full team to play with right now, you can still join a team tournament without needing a pre-made team on Challengermode!

It’s really easy to use. As a player, we’ll match you up with other solo players and parties that also signed up for the tournament during a window of about 15 minutes until right before the start of the…

Challengermode secures $12 million investment round to accelerate growth and product development.

Challengermode secures $12 million investment in raise led by eWTP Innovation Fund.

We’re excited to announce that we’ve raised a new funding round led by eWTP Innovation Fund, the global investment arm of the Alibaba Group, with other investors including Telia Ventures, and Swedish soccer legend Zlatan Ibrahimovic.

The investment will make it possible for us to double down on our mission to make esports truly accessible for regular players and tournament organizers while enabling further international expansion and product development.

“We are very excited to close this new financing round with the support of a strong set of investors who share our vision for esports. With the additional backing, we’re able…

Consider the following question:

You have the option to go on a trip that is guaranteed to be the most exciting and memorable vacation you’ll ever have. The caveat is that you’re not allowed to take any pictures or videos and you’ll have to drink a potion that will erase all memories of the vacation after it ends.

What would you be willing to pay for a trip like that relative to a regular vacation? Would you want to go on a vacation like it at all?

The experiencing self vs. the remembering self

The question of how to improve our happiness is complicated by the fact…

Thinking of productivity in two dimensions can help you make better choices and get more done.

Photo by Isaac Smith on Unsplash

In my never-ending pursuit of increased productivity, I’m continuously exploring different ways of understanding the subject; breaking it down and applying best practices to my own endeavors — however imperfectly.

An analogy for productivity I like is one of vectors, from math and physics. Productivity is like a vector because it has both a magnitude and a direction.

I recently came across this presentation on LinkedIn by Breakwater Strategy, a communications and strategy consulting firm. It’s an excellent piece of research and thinking that will be useful in the short term and interesting to revisit again a year from now:

The presentation details four plausible COVID-19 scenarios for the future world of early 2021. Whether or not any of these scenarios play out as described is less important. …

The future we’ve all been waiting for is coming to us in an unexpected way.

Why the COVID-19 pandemic is the catalyst that propels the world into the digital era, once and for all.

As we stand on the brink of what may be one of the most defining moments of our time (but hopefully not the most deadly) I’ve been pondering what the long term consequences of this pandemic will be.

Many countries, communities, families and individual people are already devastated by the medical and societal consequences of the pandemic. And it’s probably gonna get a lot worse before it gets better. It’s not my intention to diminish the suffering that many people are dealing with and will experience in the near future.

Whatever outcomes and consequences we see as a result of…

A look at the COVID-19 pandemic from an outside perspective.

Aside from what I need to know to stay up to date with the latest info, I’m not following the news media or political circus much at all. Instead, I’m looking for context, I want to understand the trends. I don’t just want the facts, I want to understand the why behind them. I want to learn how to think about this rationally.

So rather than adding to the panic or just re-stating what’s happening in the news, I’m gonna try to share what I’m learning from this experience. …

A lense onto human irrationality and what you can reasonably do about it.

Having spent quite a bit of time reading up on the situation regarding the COVID-19 disease outbreak I’ve realized it’s a good lens with which to view the follies of human misjudgment. It’s also a lesson on (ir)rationality.

Over the past days and weeks, in conversations and online I’ve come across various kinds of arguments and ways of reasoning in regards to what to do, or what not to do.

There tend to be two camps.

The first camp of people assumes that any preparation or worry…

Being the guy my friends sometimes ask for training and dieting advice, I’m often confronted with some version of this question:

What should I eat if I want to lose weight?

This is the wrong way to think about. The solution is not a category of food, it’s the amount of it. The question isn’t what, but how much.

Good food — Bad food

People have this idea in their heads that there are right and wrong foods. The reason they’re fat or overweight is because they are not eating enough of the “right” foods. If they just ate more of those, they’d lose weight[1]…

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